Medication Management is a program to promote the safe and effective use of medications. It is designed to help clinicians achieve the targeted outcomes from a prescription regimen. Medication use is often a front line tactic for managing patients; and in this day and age where pharmaceutical options are extensive, doctors deserve to have more tools at their disposal that can assist them in identifying the most suitable drug for their patient.
Usage of our Medication Management program can help the clinician:
  • Know more by getting the greatest benefit from the medications.
  • Manage risk by eliminating potential harmful side effects.
  • Reduce cost by finding lower cost alternatives to certain medications.

Let our experts take an active role in your patients’ healthcare with Medication Management

Applying medication management in daily practice is as easy as 1-2-3:
Get a Genetic Test: Find out what the patient's pertinent genetic characteristics are that can impact their response to medications.

Consult References/Pharmacist: Understand the options available given the patient's genetics. What drugs are safe and effective, and at what doses?

Apply Modifications to Therapy: Considering all this information, coupled with the patient's medical history, identify the most suitable course of action.