Medication Management is a program to promote the safe and effective use of chronic medications. It is designed to help clinicians achieve targeted outcomes from long term therapeutic management regimens. Complex clinical situations are very commonplace in long term care facilities; and advanced diagnostic tools are needed to help better manage those cases as well as the risks involved. The integration of services becomes key to taking care of these patients; which is only made possible when comprehensive diagnostic information is available.
Usage of our Medication Management program can help the doctor:
  • Know the patient’s unique health situation from a genetic level; including risk for adverse reactions and suboptimal response.
  • Easily monitor the patient’s progress via blood based therapeutic drug monitoring.
  • Enhance overall patient outcomes by having access to all relevant management information at the point of test order through our comprehensive online resulting portal.

Personalize patient care with medication management

During your patients’ private consultation, a NextGen Laboratories team member will review their medications and provide detailed advice regarding each of them. Throughout your patients’ treatment, our experts will work closely with them and help them get the most benefits from their therapy.