Medication Management is a program to promote the safe and effective use of drugs. It is designed to help the managing clinician achieve targeted outcomes from a rehabilitation regimen as well as justify any changes to a pre-established course. In the field of addiction treatment and behavioral health management, there are many variables that can impact treatment effectiveness as well as patient compliance. Clinicians need access to information that will help them better monitor treatment so that they can improve patient response.
Usage of our Medication Management program can help the clinician:
  • Know more before starting treatment, by utilizing advanced genomic studies to establish potential risks and predict response.
  • Manage risk during treatment using highly sensitive drug monitoring toxicology test technologies. We test for all common therapeutics and illicit substances, along with new synthetic designer drugs.
  • Promote patient compliance by presenting cohesive genomic and toxicology information, to tailor or modify a patient’s treatment plan.

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Applying medication management in daily practice is as easy as 1-2-3:
Get a Genetic Test: Find out what the patient's pertinent genetic characteristics are that can impact their response to medications.

Consult References/Pharmacist: Understand the options available given the patient's genetics. What drugs are safe and effective, and at what doses?

Apply Modifications to Therapy: Considering all this information, coupled with the patient's medical history, identify the most suitable course of action.