Meet Our Team

Harir Mahram, M.S., is a generalist and cytogenetics CLS in the state of CA, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and a master’s degree in Virology. She brings a diverse set of skills and expertise to the Nextgen team through her 12 years of experience in the medical device and clinical laboratory industries. Harir has played a role as technical support professional in a diagnostics laboratory manufacturing FDA-approved kits for diagnosis of infectious disease where she engaged in various troubleshooting and process improvement projects. She has worked as Clinical Laboratory Scientist in the fields of hematology/Oncology and Toxicology. She has held a previous role as the general laboratory supervise in a toxicology lab where she helped bring the lab in compliance to CAP guidelines and significantly contributed to the TAT improvement and workflow optimization. Harir strongly believes in and promotes teamwork where problems are resolved through efficient collaboration. She is a creative problem solver and perceives the challenges of difficult situations as opportunities for growth and improvement for the team. Harir is very passionate about the patient and client care and plays a key role in supporting the smooth performance of daily laboratory activities.